How much i love the wild! (part 1)

Well…Hello guys and today i’m gonna tell you how much i just love the wild!  Well,lets get started!


Problems with the wild

Well, i love animals, plants, grass, trees, birds, waterfalls, pets and underwater animals. But, my only problem is that there are people that cut down trees for no reason, kill uneatable animals for no reason (cheetah,lions,gorilla etc.), when trees are babies, (small trees), they let their sheeps to eat them, some of people don’t care and throw their trash on the road, people that set fire in the forests for no reason, people that smoke in their cars and let their cigarettes on the road and then a trouble starts. And when i see that is the person’s fault on a problem, they say that is the animal’s fault!

For example: One day,my mom tell me that in her’s facebook she read that one woman, get drunk and didn’t care about her’s dog, and her’s dog escape her’s home. And, my mom tell me that the dog of the drunk woman, attacked 3 women.  And then,they say that it was the dogs fault, and they killed it.  This break my heart and make me so sad, that i even started crying and screaming like crazy… …

By the way,lets talk about something more happy about the wild anyway.. 😦  😥

Poor animals!

Types of animals                                                                                                                                 As we all know, there are 3 types of animals:  The meat eater, the grass eater and the animals  that can eat everything. (Of course not candies,).  And some animals are aggressive, some are not.

The aggressive animals

The aggressive animals: lions, cheetah ,leopard, crocodile, bobcat,lynx, alligator,bear ,      wolf, fox, polar bear, arctic fox,arctic wolf, orca, sharks, eagles, snow leopard, cougar, tiger, hippo, rhino, snakes, liger.

They live in the snow:  arctic fox, arctic wolf, polar bear, orca(maybe), sharks, snow leopard,bobcat and lynx. (the lynx and the bobcat,both can live and in places without snow),octopus.

They live in Africa: lions, cheetah, leopard, crocodile, alligator,hippo,rhino,snakes,liger.

They live in forests: fox, wolf, lynx, bobcat, tiger, eagles, crocodile, alligator,bear,snakes.

They live in oceans: orca, sharks, octopus

They live on mountains: eagles, cougar,snakes.

The not aggressive animals

The not aggressive animals: zebra, antelope, chicken, rooster, pig, goose, okapi, gazelle, water buffalo, deer, rabbits, mice, hares, cow, sheep, buffalo(OK,it can be aggressive,), chinchillas, rats.

They live in Africa: okapi, antelope, hares, gazelle, zebra, water buffalo.

They live in farms: pigs, cows, sheep, rabbits, chickens, roosters, goose.

They live in our hotels or in our home: rabbits, mice (raised),chinchillas.

They live on the road: rats, mouses.

They live in forests: deer, buffalo, hares.

Ok, here it started to be a little bit like encyclopedia :D.

Ok, by the way guys, thank you for reading this post( if you do), and have a nice day! 🙂




2 thoughts on “How much i love the wild! (part 1)

  1. Draga, I really liked your post! And not because I’m your grandmother, but because it’s written very interesting, high quality, with feeling! I also love animals very much. And I will never expel my cat or dog even if they get sick. You know Sultan – he has become so ugly, but I will take care of him for the rest of his life. Draga, you started to write much more interesting and much more professional! Well done! I’m proud of you!

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