What i’m gonna do in my country

When i’m gonna go in my country,i’m gonna: See my friends, see my animals, i’m gonna go to the beach, i’m gonna see my other family members, i’m gonna go to places i didn’t go before, i’m gonna buy ice cream with my friends and many more!

My real home,is in Cyprus,but i’m gonna go the Summer in my country,(Bulgaria),and i’m gonna see the house i’ve lived a little bit when i was a baby. My country is not the best,is not even so the worst,i think. The countries are not the best, but not and the worst, they are just normal. And,by the way,the pets i’m gonna see are: 3 dogs, 1 cat. The cat is a male,and he doesn’t has a name. The 3 dogs i’m gonna see are all mongrel dogs: the one is a black and a little bit white dog ( is a male,adult), the other two dogs, are actually puppies, both mongrel dogs,the one 2 months and the another one is 8 months.

I don’t have a photo of the black mongrel dog, but anyway i’m gonna tell you their names: The 2 month puppy is Marley, the 8 month is Roy and the black  is Rony. They are all male dogs. I don’t know why, but Roy has something on his back: when my grandmother touches his back,he starts to cry, can you guys ( if you know what this is),to tell me in the comments what this can be? And Roy cannot see very well,anyway. I love all my pets,but i don’t like that sometimes a girl that we are friends,comes and tries to pet my pets 😡

Anyways, Have a great Summer and have a popsicle-nice ice cream day!^E2CC1237B7F724B80841CD5A171CC1227CC4EA27B3CF646225^pimgpsh_fullsize_distr.jpg

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